Wholemeal Chocolate Sponge Cake

Wholemeal chocolate sponge cake recipe. Easy and very quick. I’m pretty sure you will love it! I use it for many cake combinations as a base so every time I just include the link here to my other recipes every time I use it.


4 large eggs, divided into egg whites and egg yolks
80 grams raw sugar
some vanilla
100 grams wholemeal
30 gram cacao powder
1 teaspoon of baking powder
one pinch salt

Turn on your oven on 175 degrees Celsius.

Beat the egg whites and salt till stiff. Add slowly raw sugar and vanilla while still beating on high speed till combined properly. Slow down the food processor or mixer, add the egg yolks and combine for just 3-4 second. Mix
baking powder and cacao with wholemeal and add to the egg white mix. Stir gently till combined. Done! Don’t forget the baking paper before you pour the mix into the tray :)

Bake about 14-18 minutes.