Easy Potato Soup

This soup has been made from leftovers. We did have a party the other day and had plenty of leftovers as usually. One of them were roasted potatoes with carrots and rosemary. I hate to throw any food away so I put them into the freezer for later. I felt today like cooking potato soup so I was very happy after I defrosted my party potatoes. Of course you can also use fresh potatoes and just cook them long enough. Okay, here is my soup, easy and quick as usually, cooked from scratch like all my dishes and very yummy!!! Enjoy!
Easy Potato Soup

These are my party leftovers baked potatoes. I took them out of the freezer earlier enough so they were no more frozen when I used them. These are the common white potatoes, some sweet potatoes and a couple of carrots in there.

Cut some onion and leek and braise them in some hot butter until gold.

Add the cooked potatoes and veggies.

Add hot water and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg to your liking. Actually I think that the nutmeg is a very important herb and I cannot imagine to live without it in terms of cooking a soup :) You can also see some rosemary swimming around. This was the herb which I had already in the potatoes but it is also a very important ingredient in your potato soup.

I cooked it for about 5 minutes. If you use raw potatoes, you cook it till ready.

Now ad some vinegar, I use the apple cider or balsamic vinegar and about two spoons of sour cream and use your hand blender to blend everything together. Taste it and check if you need some more spices.

Your soup is pretty much ready, HOWEVER, if you want to ad some nice twist into it, cut a couple of smoked ham slices and braise in a hot olive oil till crispy. Add some onion and ready is the yummy twist!

Your family will love you for this soup