How To Prepare Meat For Smoking

This is the traditional and the best way of preparing meat for smoking. No chemicals, no special pickling salt. You only need the regular salt and garlic. That’s it! Tasty can be healthy!

  • meat: pork belly
  • 500g or more table salte
  • 1 or more garlic bulb
  • Clean the meat
  • Crush lots of garlic and mix it with plenty of salt. We used here one large garlic bulb.
  • Rub in and cover the meat with the salt garlic mix
  • Cover with a clean towel and keep in a fridge for 4 days. Check everyday and remove the excess water if there is any
  • After 4 days (3 nights), wash the meat under very warm, nearly hot water fro few minutes.
  • Dry with a clean towel, put a cotton string through and leave over night in a fridge.
  • The next morning, the meat is ready for smoking!


  • 4 days means for me 3 nights in the fridge :) just to avoid any mistakes plus one additional night in the fridge after washing and drying the meat
  •  smoking time depends on how thick your meat is, we usually smoke between 5-7 hours,
  • the smoking temperature is between 45-55°C
  • you have to keep your eyes on the wood smoker pretty much the whole time so the best is you just declare that day as a smoking day, have a beer and enjoy the smoking! :)
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